the Poet’s Handbook – Introduction

Typically, handbooks are guides. Our Handbook For Poets is a guide. We certainly do not have all the answers for writers, but we do know what appeals to us as editors. We have myriad articles written for your edification, enjoyment and interest. You, of course, will glean what you can use and ignore the rest.

We have tried to provide a variety of articles which will appeal to novice, “closet”, average and exceptional poets. The Comstock Writers’ Group is committed to making your job as a poet easier, more productive and more successful. This handbook may be downloaded for free and used for workshops, classes or your own personal enjoyment. We appreciate feedback from our readers. You can use our online form to contact us.

Written by
Kathleen Bryce Niles, Editor Emerita, CWG
with additional selections from Jennifer B. McPherson, President, CWG