Editor Poems

Comstock Review Editors

Betsy Anderson, Managing editor – Woman in the Well & more

Michael Sickler, co-managing editor – Insomniac, Der Schlag, Flowing from the Eyes, Fiume

Peggy Sperber Flanders, asst. managing editor – Something is Up! and more

John Bellinger, chapbook editor – Unpublished elsewhere, listings & bio. Three Days Falling… and more. Published poems: If You Woke Right Now …& others.

Megan Merchant -Healing Spell and more

Michael McAnaney –  Ahab’s Leg, Christmas

Ellen McNeal – Forgive Me …and more

Peggy Miller – How to Suck an Orange & more For Review of books, click here and then click M.

Carolyn Ostrander

Georgia A. Popoff – The Hopeful Dialect of Marriage & more

Martin Willitts, Jr. In the Beginning We Tumble into Light and more

Former Editors and Editors Emeriti:

Anne Fitzgerald – El Velorio, more coming soon

Teresa Gilman – Mars Insomnia & bio (Associate Editor through 2004)

Jennifer MacPherson (Emerita) – The Bone Poem and more.

Kathleen Bryce Niles (Emerita) – “And take my milk for gall” & more

Mary McLaughlin Slechta – Kill the Deer, Crawl Space & others

Poems by the late Michael L. C. Morgan – Founding Editor, Editorial Board and Treasurer, 1987 – 2005: Excuses, Requiem and more.

Poems by the late Ann Silsbee, Editor 2001-2003: What Do You Mean, Praise? & more. See also: Review section on this site: The Critic’s Pen. New Book, 2006: Custom Word Press: Fullest Tide, the poems of Ann Silsbee edited by Gray Jacobik.