The 2017 Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Contest

The Comstock Writers Group Chapbook
Contest Winner 2016:


Ted Kooser from Garland, Nebraska, At Home
Award: $1,000 and 50 Copies of the Winning Chapbook

Each Honorable Mention will receive a year’s subscription to The Comstock Review

Martin Settle from Charlotte NC, Searching For Peepers
Gianmarco Manzione from Naples FL, The Panic Inside the Stars
Kristi Carter from Lincoln NE, Daughter Shaman
Red Hawk from Monticello AK, The Code of the Lakota

FINALISTS (in alphabetic order)

Marion Starling Boyer from Mattawan MI, Fishing up the Moon
Catherine Freeling from Berkeley CA, Dreaming at Altitude
Bill Glose from Yorktown VA, The Desert Came Home
Gene Grabiner from Buffalo NY, The Need for Presence
Susanna Lang from Chicago IL, Self-Portraits
Katharyn Howd Machan from Ithaca NY, Dreaming Turquoise
Mara Adamitz Scrupe from Charlottesville VA, Reliquiae Flyway
David Tucker from Ocean Township NJ, Love and Death in New Jersey
Jennifer van Alstyne from Lafayette LA, Pelt
Kik Williams from Providence RI, Fig

The Comstock Review editors selected all chapbooks considered in the finals.
Our Judge, Michael Sickler, was challenged to pick only one winner.
He would like all of you to know that he considers each chapbook publishable.
All the editors will be looking forward to your future publication
and hope you will communicate good news to us at

We thank all contestants for the quality and variety of your entries. You will receive a copy of the winning chapbook upon publication. Please keep your contact information current with us.


The Comstock Review  presents
The 2017 Jessie Bryce Niles 
Chapbook Contest 

Accepting submission from Aug 1st to Oct. 31st (postmark)

First Prize: $1,000 plus publication and 50 author’s copies.
Entry Fee: $30/chapbook (includes copy of winning chapbook)
Submissions accepted after August 1 — to postmark October 31, 2017

SEND TO: The Comstock Review Chapbook Contest, 4956 St. John Drive, Syracuse, NY 13215


Submit Online using the button below:

New Guideline: The poet must NOT have already WON a previous chapbook contest in The Comstock Review.

The Rules:
1.   Submissions must be unpublished as a collection, but individual poems may have been previously published in journals.
2.   Will consider simultaneous submissions as long as the poet notifies us immediately upon acceptance elsewhere.
3.   Submit 25-34 pages of poetry, single-spaced (1 page=38 lines maximum, including spacing between lines;
poems may run longer than 1 page). Manuscripts either too short or too long will be disqualified.
4.   Do not count title page, table of contents, acknowledgments, dedication, or bio in the page length.
5.   Do not send illustrations, photos, or any other graphics attached to the poems.
6.   Manuscripts should be paginated and secured with a binder clip; no staples or plastic covers.
7.   Judging is done without any reference to the poet’s name.  All entries are screened by the editors of The Comstock Review.
8.   Include 2 cover pages: 1 with mss title, poet’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address; second with mss title only.
       Poet’s name should not appear on poems. List acknowledgments on a separate, removable page.
9.    Include SASE for results only; mss will not be returned.

SEND TO: The Comstock Review Chapbook Contest, 4956 St. John Drive, Syracuse, NY 13215
Final Judge for 2017 will be Kathleen Bryce Niles-Overton

Winner is notified in December.
Winning chapbooks are saddle-stitched, and available at $12.00 per copy.

For ordering details, email