Sample Poems

This page contains Editors’ Sample Poems.
Also Contest Winning poems from previous years
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Comstock Review Editors

Betsy Anderson, Managing editor – Woman in the Well & more

Michael Sickler, co-managing editor – Insomniac, Der Schlag, Flowing from the Eyes, Fiume

Peggy Sperber Flanders, asst. managing editor – Something is Up! and more

John Bellinger, chapbook editor – Unpublished elsewhere, listings & bio. Three Days Falling… and more. Published poems: If You Woke Right Now …& others.

Megan Merchant -Healing Spell and more

Michael McAnaney –  Ahab’s Leg, Christmas

Ellen McNeal – Forgive Me …and more

Peggy Miller – How to Suck an Orange & more For Review of books, click here and then click M.

Carolyn Ostrander

Georgia A. Popoff – The Hopeful Dialect of Marriage & more

Martin Willitts, Jr. In the Beginning We Tumble into Light and more


Former Editors and Editors Emeriti:

Anne Fitzgerald – El Velorio, more coming soon

Teresa Gilman – Mars Insomnia & bio (Associate Editor through 2004)

Jennifer MacPherson (Emerita) – The Bone Poem and more.

Kathleen Bryce Niles (Emerita) – “And take my milk for gall” & more

Mary McLaughlin Slechta – Kill the Deer, Crawl Space & others

Poems by the late Michael L. C. Morgan – Founding Editor, Editorial Board and Treasurer, 1987 – 2005: Excuses, Requiem and more.

Poems by the late Ann Silsbee, Editor 2001-2003: What Do You Mean, Praise? & more. See also: Review section on this site: The Critic’s Pen. New Book, 2006: Custom Word Press: Fullest Tide, the poems of Ann Silsbee edited by Gray Jacobik.

Featured Cover Photographers and Artists:

Past issues: Michael Sickler (both covers 20th anniversary editions), Teresa Gilman, Cathy Gibbons, Trudy Coleman

Featured cover Home page: Cover Art Fall/Winter 2007: Nicora Gangi, “Until Now” Pastel on Sennelier La Carte Paper, 9×12″. A member of the Syracuse University faculty for 29 years. More information in the magazine.

Cover, Fall/Winter 2004, vol. 18, #2: Sallie Bailey Photographer
Contest Winners’ Poems (Click here for 2005 Winners List)

2006 Winner’s Poem Allan Peterson, Antipyretic
Thomas Lux, Judge.

2005 Winner’s Poem Jamie Ross, Elope
Cornelius Eady, Judge.

2004 Winner’s Poem Judson Evans, Window Washer.
Molly Peacock, Judge.

2003 Winner’s Poem Stacie Cassarino, Half June.
David St. John, Judge.

2002 Winner’s Poem Melanie Almeder, Poem for the Man Who
Does Not Answer the Phone. Kelly Cherry, Judge.

2001 Winner’s Poem Paul Hostovsky, The Perfection.
Mary Oliver, Judge

2000 to 1987 Winners’ Poems