Annual Contest

The Comstock Review Annual Poetry Contest 2016
30th Anniversary Contest



First Prize: $1,000 (The Muriel Craft Bailey Memorial Award)
Second Prize: $250 Third Prize: $100
Honorable Mentions receive a one-year subscription.

Submission Period Opens April 1st annually. Deadline: July 15th (postmark)

           Send to: The Comstock Review Summer Contest, 4956 St. John Drive, Syracuse, NY 13215.
We really like this method
Fee is $5 per poem, no limit to poems.  SASE Optional 


submit online
($26 for up to 5 poems):  No names or contact info on poems.  This info MUST be in cover letter.
To submit online, press black “click here to SUBMIT ” button below.


Here’s how it works — Our editorial staff chooses approximately fifty to sixty finalists. The highest scoring finalists (25 or so) are considered Special Merit poems. Special Merit poems go to the judge. The judge determines the top three prize winners. The entire editorial staff then selects the Honorable Mentions from the remaining Special Merits.

The Rules:
1. Each poem on a separate 8.5 x 11 page, typed.
2. Poems must be original, unpublished in ANY medium, print or electronic. We do not accept simultaneous submissions. The Comstock Review reserves the first refusal rights if there is any error in the poet’s records that results in simultaneous submission. Editors have the right to disqualify all poems submitted by a poet if there is any question of previous publication or notice of acceptance elsewhere by accident.
3. No poem must exceed 40 lines, beginning with the first line of text below the title. DO NOT count blank lines. Please also consider our 64-character line width when submitting.
4. Name and ALL contact information on the REVERSE side of EACH poem entered. If not, we have to disqualify any/or all poems lacking this information. Contact information submitted on the front of poems will disqualify entries.
5. Send SASE for results only. No poems will be returned.

6. All Prize Winners, Honorable Mentions, and Special Merit Poems are considered accepted work, and will be published.
7. PLEASE NOTE: The entry fee is $5 for per poem sent by mail, no limit.  Online it is $26 for up to 5 poems.


The Comstock Review presents the winners of the 2015 Muriel Craft Bailey Contest

Judge: Allison Joseph

First Prize, $1,000
Steve Lautermilch of Kill Devil Hills, NC for “Is a fish,”

Second Prize, $250
Justin Hunt  of Charlotte, NC for “Two West and a Half South”

Third Prize, $100
Karen J. Weyant of Warren PA for “Flypaper”

Honorable Mention Poets

Jenna Bazzell  of Ponca City, OK for “My Mother Dreams of her Miscarried Twin Daughters”

Bill Griffin of Elkin, NC for “Strikers at RJR-Filmco”

Claudia Van Gerven of Boulder, CO for “The Octopuses”

Special Merit Recognition Poets in Alphabetic Order

Elizabeth Aoki of Seattle, WA for “Flipover”
Brenda Steven Baer of Fairfield, CT  for “The Poet Prepares for the Poem”
Jenna Bazzell of Ponca City, OK for “Kudzu”
Elizabeth Chapman of Palo Alto, CA for “By an Ancient Fishing Pond, Kaupulehu, Hawaii”
Carol Frith of Sacramento, CA for “Ghost Town on 395”
Joanne E. Gates of Jacksonville, AL for “Inside a Corner of Escher’s “Relativity”
Teresa Gilman of Syracuse, NY for “Listen”
Judy Kaber of Belfast, ME for “Litany”, “In the ghost room” and “Waiting for my body to catch up”
Sheila Kelly of Pittsburgh,PA for “The Drexel Boys”
Anna Leahy of Orange, CA for “The Habits of Light”

Jeri McCormick of Madison, WI for “In Transit”
Meryl Natchez of Kensington, CA for “Poem for Paul”
Connie Post of Livermore, CA for “Shadow Light”

Bill Van Buskirk of Bryn Mawr, PA for “Ice King ” and “Single”
Claudia Van Gerven of Boulder, CO for “The Climate of Denial”
Martin Willitts, Jr. of Syracuse, NY for “Horse Training”

All poems listed will be published in CR Vol. 29, #2.
All poems are screened by the Comstock Review Editors.
Editors and Final Judge do not know the poets’ names until winners are selected.