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Winner of the 1996 Washington Prize, George Young's Spinoza's Mouse (Word Works, 1996) is a book of powerful, moving, and intelligent poems. Ron Wallace says, "With a meticulous precision, a passionate imagination, a quirky curiosity, George Young casts a physician's eye on Oliver Hardy's bones, Shelley's funeral, Hopkins' hands, Rembrandt's head, Thoreau's grave, Mozart's corpse, and finds therein beauty, terror, grace, ecstasy, love. Young is a true original and Spinoza's Mouse a book of wonders, a wonder of a book." I concur.

Jim Young's Visions (1994) collects poems of memory, love, nature, and his first-hand knowledge of illness and mortality in a mix of both formal and free-verse. These are poems of courage and a brave spirit lit by the wisdom of age.


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